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i JUST DONT UNDERSTAND SO MUCH OF THE STUFF ABOUT MY COMPUTERfirewalls, ant-v,ip, cool and program in program AAAAAH.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyway i am hoping thing are better now, i used a ccleaner and a fix program and thing were a little if-y at first but we are moving forward.
If anyone can help me bloger no longer supports IE

today i had to go in and get new teeth again my bit was wrong.the lady said i was not doing it right and made me redo 6 time , but if you have never had back teeth any teeth other then the ones in the front and over the years you just dont think about how you bit thing. i would open my mouth, she stick her finger in and tell me to bit and with all the stuff in my mouth how are you to bit the way you would do if all the stuff in your mouth. anyway will get new teeth at 3 pm today

here more words: SOMEONE ONCE SAID               I still have done anything with these picture but soon

I HAVE COME UP WITH 3 MORE PAGES AND WHEN WE toke the puppies to Ks. i asked friends and family to hold up the signs with  the words of the day. The first with the words Oh, mine!!!

we have a new family member. 6 lb and 14 oz.