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My name is Viola M Rollins. I’m 49 years old. I have 1 man that I have lived with for 23 yr{Dean}.We both do ART . We have two daughters{Rachel and Brittany}and 1 grandson{Drake}. Our girls are grown and are good kids.Drake is a 20 mo. just the right age that Grandma and grandpa are fun, i hope we always stay fun for him.

We live with 5 dogs. We started with just one and had to get him a friend than there was 2 {Rocky and Rue}. Than we had to take one more “they said just for a short time” next thing we know we had 7 puppies and i was able to give 5 of them away which ,lift us with two {Dotty and Roczy} they are 13 weeks, and there is still hope they will fine a home.

I’ve done ART all my life . I started doing mail art about a year ago.I really like mail art, I can make things that make me feel good, and send them out. Dean dose art to sell and one day that will happen, someone will come with a pocket full of money ,and boom we’ll have our own shop.


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